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How Can Ecommerce Bring Holiday Joy?

There are only so many ways to make statistics interesting. But it’s that time of year again; the ecommerce super bowl of sorts. Black Friday and Cyber Monday came and left, everyone’s gearing up for the holidays.

Here Come the Big Ecommerce Questions

What kind of mood were consumers in this year? What did they buy? How much money were they willing to part with? And the biggest question, what business cheer will this holiday season bring?

In 2014 Google reported 40% of holiday shopping occurred online. Last year it was estimated the average american planned to spend $720 one presents. Multiply that by the US census for 2014 and you get a snowflake chilling possibility of 229.5 billion dollars in spending.

An estimated, 92% of holiday shoppers will go online to either research or buy gifts this season. Don’t watch your gingerbread cookie crumble. In the arena of ecommerce there are some steps you can take to come out ahead in this year’s reindeer games:

On the First day of Christmas: A Phone Rang in a Pear Tree

According to Litmus, 48% of marketing emails are now opened on smartphones. That means a large chunk of your customers are seeing your content in their downtime. You need to make your access to their inboxes count.

Once they open your emails, nothing should interrupt your customer’s sleigh ride ride into holiday shopping. Consider tools like PowerInbox or Liveclicker to create targeted, specific, and relevant content for whoever is opening your email when they open it.

According to Hubspot, 61% of people have a better opinion of brands when they offer a good mobile experience. If your website has scaling issues you’re going to have some serious conversion issues. And for good reason, you can’t shop a site that won’t load and no one has time to wait. We’re not Santa and it’s gonna take our presents a couple weeks to ship.

On the Fifth day of Christmas: Gift Guides are Golden Ringers

When it’s getting down to crunch time and you need to order something NOW or it won’t be here by Christmas, people often turn to gift guides. Affiliate Window has a great blog post that shows how you can promote and design your gift guide for optimum holiday saving gift suggestions. Think about including these lists in the content that you share with your customers.

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