Meet the Team: New Sales Director, Selina Yee

Meet the Team: New Sales Director, Selina Yee

At UnsubCentral, we believe there are several things that differentiate us from other SaaS companies. A great product, the most secure platform available, and more than anything, our people. The service we offer our clients is something we take great pride in, and something we are constantly looking to improve. Read below to find out more about our newest team member, Sales Director Selina Yee. 


Tell us about yourself.

I was born to Chinese imigrants, raised in a teeny-tiny town in NE Louisiana, went to university in New Orleans and lived in New York for well over a decade. Austin, TX is new territory to me, and I’m looking forward to eating my way through town.

My curiosity about pretty much everything led me to pursue a career in media. Prior to UnsubCentral, I had the pleasure of utilzing my English and architectural background in launching new products and growing advertising revenue for B2B and B2C media platforms like Interior Design Media, Metropolis Magazine and Apartment Therapy. With UnsubCentral, I am diving feet-first into the tech space, where I believe my consultative and collaborative leanings will contribute to solving many a client’s email list concerns.

What has surprised you about working at UnsubCentral?

The nuances of our business. It’s very targeted. The company culture  have been a welcome surprise. There is a tendency for some tech companies to have a rah-rah culture that feels put-on, forced.  I’m pleased there’s an absence of that here. In fact, there’s almost a sense of ego-less humility here – we’re here to do our job and to do our best. That’s not to say it’s not fun here. I do my part in joining or kicking off the bouts of cackling laughter that break out across the office throughout the day.

What’s your favorite dessert?

Almost anything egg-based:  crème brulee, panna cotta, flan, cheesecake, etc.

What’s your favorite tool to use at your job? (ie sidekick, etc)

Salesforce – I had a chance to preview the Lightning Experience iteration of the Sales Cloud – can’t wait!  Other than that, I’d say the phone – there’s nothing like connecting person to person to talk through a client’s challenges.

Tell us a funny childhood story.

Even before I spoke english I liked Michael Jackson.  The drama, the panache!  In kindergarten, I was just developing conversational english, so there wasn’t too much to say to my classmates, but I really liked to engage, making paper swords for sword fights or sailing planes across the room.  It didn’t help that I was in a class of particularly mischievous kids, too.  One winter day, during nap time, I decided to coat the insides of my knit gloves with chalk, do my best imitation of a Michael dance and proceeded to clap my gloves together, forming the most dramatic cloud of chalk dust.  My classmates were inspired.  We grabbed all the chalk board erasers and slammed them agains the walls, each other and coated our gloves and everthing else in chalk and chalk dust in the most fun frenzy ever.  We then build forts out of the sleeping mats and hid there until our teacher returned, shock-faced.

Do you have any questions for Selina? Let us know in the comments below, or shoot her an email at selina (at) unsubcentral (dot) com. 

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