The New UnsubCentral

The New UnsubCentral

Coming this Year: The New UnsubCentral


We mentioned our big news this spring, but wanted to follow up with additional details about the new UnsubCentral and what it means for you.

For the past several months, our project management, development and client-facing teams have been busy analyzing our current system’s usage, gathering feedback from clients, conducting wireframe reviews with clients and affiliates and designing the new UnsubCentral. While we are proud of our current system and are fortunate to offer clients a secure, stable tool that allows them to remain compliant, we wanted to do more.

With the new version of UnsubCentral, clients are able to take advantage of enhanced customization, including white labeling the dashboard, customizing several ready-made unsubscribe templates, a tailored alerting system and a full reporting suite that can be filtered based on over 30 factors.

The automation on this system is also drastically increased, including a full compliance monitor created to alert client’s to any potential compliance issues. 

The timeline for the beta launch of the new UnsubCentral is Q2 of 2015. We will continue to share updates and additional details in the new few months about excatly what to expect. If you’d like to share feedback, request a demo or meet with us in person, please email us at [email protected].


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