What Else Can UnsubCentral Help My Company With

What Else Can UnsubCentral Help My Company With?

What Else Can UnsubCentral Help My Company With?


It’s tempting to look at UnsubCentral as a CAN-SPAM compliance tool, however, down here in Austin we like to think that we are more than that. While we absolutely help you with your compliance, we also offer full brand protection when it comes to third party customer acquisition through email. Here are a few things that we do or provide that take us past compliance and turn us into a brand protecting smart marketing tool:

  • List Security – Everyone is familiar with the need to encrypt their lists rather than make them available in plain text. We go beyond the industry standard MD5 32 character hashing and give you the option of an industry leading SHA-256 64 character option for maximum list protection.
  • Super Scrubbing – All publishers scrub against your lists to remove opt outs and customer addresses, but what happens if two or more publishers have the same prospect address on their lists? Chances are that the prospect is going to receive duplicate messages for the same offer. What happens if that same prospect is on 3, 5, or 10 other lists? Your brand reputation is definitely going to take a hit. Super Scrubbing ensures that not only do publishers scrub against your suppression list, but that they also encrypt and scrub against the encrypted lists of other publishers as well ensuring that prospects only receive one offer per campaign.
  • Real Time Unsubscribe Collection – UnsubCentral can collect and process your unsubscribe requests in real time rather than the average 10 day period. This further helps protect your brand from any damage caused by delays in updating your suppression file.
  • Automation – We are integrated with all of the major CPA networks, digital marketing companies, and ESP’s to automate your data distribution across platforms to maximize efficiency, increase productivity, and minimize the manual movement of your data.

To find out more reasons we are more than just a compliance tool shoot us an email at [email protected] or give us a call.

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