5 Reasons you Should Replace your In House Solution with a SaaS Product

5 Reasons you Should Replace your In House Solution with a SaaS Product

The Benefits of Selecting a SaaS Provider for your Suppression List Management

More and more businesses are choosing to replace their in house solutions with a SaaS product. Why devote your valuable internal resources to do anything outside of your core competency? Here are a few reasons why it makes sense to outsource your list suppression management.

1. Free up internal resources – Every minute you spend uploading to your suppression file, providing lists for publishers to scrub against, or creating a custom opt out page is time you could have used to optimize your existing marketing efforts.

2. Brand reputation – If you delegate the responsibility to an intern or junior employee you are trusting that they will actively monitor your unsubscribes and manually update your files. We can automatically update suppression lists to honor unsubscribe requests immediately, ensuring that you remain compliant while protecting your brand.

3. Affiliate management – You have to create and manage a manual process to ensure that your affiliates are not marketing to your suppression list. We create alerts that inform you when affiliates have not downloaded your list or have triggered a seed hit by mailing to an address on your list. Additionally, you can choose to require affiliates to upload their lists to our platform so you can be sure that they have been scrubbed.

4. Flexibility –You are free to change tracking platforms or replace your email service provider without having to rebuild those connections. Our API and existing integrations ensure a seamless transition from one system to the next.

5. Data security – Most in house systems are glorified FTP servers without auditing, fraud detection, or timely and frequent backups. Our management and technology teams have implemented a strict security policy that includes performing ongoing security audits to identify potential risks and applying controls to mitigate and manage risks.

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