UnsubCentral: What’s Next for the Industry’s Leading Suppression List Management Platform?


We shared the big news about our sale few months ago, and thought it was time that we pop in to give an update. Our team has been busy with several things, most importantly, building a new UnsubCentral! We are excited to launch the new system, as it will mean vast improvements for our clients, including:

  • Advanced reporting functionality
  • More intuitive interface
  • Brand new, innovative affiliate interface
  • Enhanced customization
  • Improved automated alert system

The new system is largely based on feedback and feature requests directly from clients. We have conducted dozens of rounds of review sessions and are currently looking for more clients to provide feedback. If you’d like to be included in a review session reach out to your Account Manager today! As always, if you have a feature request or improvement suggestion, we would love to hear from you. Simply send an email to support@unsubcentral.com with your suggestions.