Maintain Brand Integrity

Being worthy of their loyalty is better.

In today’s consumer environment, there’s nothing more important than upholding your brand integrity. Customers have high expectations, countless options and far-reaching networks. When your brand disappoints, people notice. Brand integirty is a big deal.

Your email program is a great place to model sterling standards, in terms of what customers can expect from you. Think about it. Email is a channel that lets you reach out to buyers with personalized messages—messages that arrive right alongside notes from friends and family. An inbox is a pretty personal space.

It’s your job to respect that space, and to ensure your email partners do the same.

We help out with a platform that lets you share opt-out and customer data in a secure, hashed format. UnsubCentral also collects any unsubscribes from the campaigns your partners are driving. With one central repository for email records—encompassing all channels, systems and partners—you’ll be equipped to:

  • Honor opt-out requests immediately—much sooner than the 10-business-day requirement mandated by the CAN-SPAM Act
  • Protect customers and their email addresses from bad actors (anyone who might email irresponsibly or sell email data to outside parties)
  • Send email content that is relevant, helpful, and most important: welcome
  • Create more positive buying experiences—with a path to purchase that involves email or doesn’t.



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